Ever wondered why?

Did you know that the percentage of women contributing to Indian GDP is only 18% ?
And yes, it is also one of the lowest in the world.

The lack of accessibility to knowledge, gender-inequalities, low motivation, less female role models and inadequate resources are main reasons why many poor women have not been able to develop themselves. This creates a vicious cycle and makes them incapable of becoming independent in attaining complete control of their finances.

We act as change-makers, trainers and influencers to resolve these problems for women and inspire a just and equal attitude within the communities.

Who can join us



Women who want to learn, rise & make a difference.



Volunteers who are keen on exploring inspiring women stories on the field. Volunteers who can use the power of social media and garner help.



Donors who are willing to donate for pushing sales by marketing the products supplied by women.

This is how we do it

Financial literacy via
training and education

Teaching better
utilization of funds

Information about
available financial instruments

Creating easy access to
financial services

Helping product sales through network of collaborators



Media Coverage

Words from the Founder

"Throughout my life, I observed how brilliant women's minds are, and how society doesn't encourage them enough to realize their full potential. The most sustainable way of bringing about a paradigm shift is to empower women with financial knowledge. We focus on a 'hand-holding' approach and offer integrated solutions from awareness, knowledge, skills training, self help groups and community engagement.
Our network of volunteers & collaborators help women find market opportunities, sell their products, earn more and save better.
All this comes on the master backdrop of better financial understanding so that the outcomes are evolving, positive & permanent."